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April 9-11

Hailed by critics as the most accomplished and renowned mime of his generation, Bill Bowers returns to his western theatrical home with his new mime production ‘The Traveler” a silent and whimsical tale of one man’s journey to find a new home.


“Bowers, an internationally renowned mime and award-winning actor, takes us on a wild ride when his house is upended by a janitor and flooded via a large bucket of water (it’s difficult to explain but trust me, it makes perfect sense on stage and is hilarious into the bargain). Carried downriver and deposited he knows not where, the traveler must find his way home again armed with only a map, a suitcase, and quite a few bananas.

It’s not going to be a smooth ride. Along the way, he must contend with nothing less than bees, cow pies, wolves, traffic, border walls, and perhaps worst of all, public transportation.  But our traveler is a tenacious, optimistic individual, and while his clothes may be waterlogged and his pants torn, nothing can dampen his spirits for long.

Bowers creates from thin air a rich, colorful world alive with sights, sounds, and even smells. Wide-eyed, open-hearted, and adaptable, he seems the embodiment of childhood itself.   And watching him is a pure delight.”

Written by: Erin Kahn



April 9-11

Thurs – Sat @ 7:30PM

Single Ticket ~ $25
Thursday Ticket ~ $18
Student Ticket ~ $18 (valid with highschool or college id

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Author: Jim Jackson