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October 7 @ 11am & 2pm

The Millibo Art Theatre is partnering with the Creede Repertory Theatre 40th Annual Young Audience Outreach Tour to present…


Saturday, October 7th – 11:00am & 2:00pm

Tickets: $12.50 per person

Call the Box Office for a Family Four Pack Discount – $11.00 per ticket!




Paloma is a prairie dog pup in a prairie dog town. She’s not a huge fan of prairie living, though—the boring cuisine, the terrifying predators, the annoying owls. So, when her cousin from the city comes to visit, Paloma jumps at the chance to leave the open plain behind. Will Paloma adjust to life in a metropolis of 22 million people (and who knows how many rodents)? Will she survive without her dog town behind her? Will they survive without her? Featuring lots of singing, dancing, and audience participation, The City Dog and the Prairie Dog is a story about exploring the world, learning new things, and maybe, just maybe, coming home again.

Book and Lyrics by Diana Grisanti

Music by Emiliano Messiez

Directed by Matt Zambrano

Choreographed by Bethany Eilean Talley
John DiAntonio

Matt Zambrano


The story of the “town mouse and country mouse” is a tale as old as time. There are versions of this story found throughout the writings of the ancient world, but perhaps the most well known version of the story comes to us from the Greek Aesopica, or Aesop’s Fables. Aesop, born in Greece sometime around 620 BCE, was a popular fabulist and storyteller of his time. It isn’t exactly clear how many of what would become Aesop’s Fables were his own creative inventions, and how many were other popular stories of the time that he simply codified and put down on paper. What is clear is that his anthropomorphic parables, including The Boy Who Cried WolfThe Lion and the MouseThe Tortoise and the Hare and The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse, are timeless stories that speak to the human condition and continue to thrill and delight audiences of all ages.

I believe this story, and our telling of it, will resonate strongly with the 40,000+ young people that will get to experience it on this year’s tour. That longing for something bigger…the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side…is a feeling shared by many of us born on the plains and in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Who of us could forget the first time we saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Sears Tower or Empire State Building?

The exciting thing for me in telling our story is not the antithesis of town and country, or English and Spanish, but rather what the Chicano poet Alfred Arteaga called the Chiasma: the point at which two opposing forces meet and intersect. For it is only at this point, that we can truly begin to understand, empathize and appreciate one another.

Now in its 40th Season, the Young Audience Outreach Tour’s mission is to bring high quality musical theatre to rural & historically under-funded communitiesFeaturing the creative team of Casa Alfonsa and El Guayabo / The Guava TreeThe City Dog & The Prairie Dog is a bilingual musical for kids grade K-6 exploring themes of community and belonging. Expect to laugh, dance, and sing along with lots of audience participation!

Author: Jim Jackson