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Recent Google Reviews

  • Such an amazing venue. I constantly review their website looking for upcoming shows. I love the night circus performances. Website and ticket purchasing are both user friendly. You can tell everyone involved in this theatre really has love and support for it. ~ Erin Syslo

  • Took one of our grandsons (just turned 10) to the “Magical Gift” Christmas production today. This is probably our 6th or 7th Millibo ‘kids’ production we’ve been to in the last 6 years. They ALWAYS bring it!! It’s a family-friendly, budget-friendly, great live theatre venue!! “Mr. James” is the sun that the planets there seem to orbit around! He greets the families as they come in, and just does an incredible job! This particular performance was great – as all of them are!! This place is a real gem in our community!!! ~ Steven Todd

  • Great performances by everyone and lots of laughs! If you’re looking for a good date night or a place to have fun with friends and family, please check this place out! Can’t recommend enough!

  • First time seeing a show here. It was really fun and full of so much talent! I’ll definitely be back to see more. ~ Holly Snell

  • I had an absolute blast at the Circus of the Night show! I’ve been to 3 shows here and it never disappoints. ~ Adam Cap

  • This is a great date night and way to support local performing artists. ~ Jesse Sellars

  • Go see these shows! These folks are putting on one-of-a-kind, absolutely breathtaking (and side-splitting) performances. Milibo is offering accessibly-priced high art; it’s outstanding theater, truly great comedy, amazing vocalists, and jaw-dropping acrobatic work all rolled into a single unforgettable two-hour experience. (Even the refreshments are wonderful!) GO see these shows!!! ~ Jenna Pearce

  • Really the best. We’ve been going here since 3 locations ago, maybe 12 years, spanning 3 kids. Amazing innovative creative people, truly art for art’s sake, and for the childrens. Bravo! ~ Josh Lewis

  • Always a fun, entertaining evening at this wonderful theater in Colorado Springs! ~ Larysa Martyniuk

  • This theatre embodies the spirit we desperately needed after having just moved here, searching for a space to come for entertainment and call a home away from home! I LOVED their approach to feminism and philosophy. I cannot wait to further participate with Birgitta, Jim, and the wonderful, Anna Faye! So looking forward to coming again. ~ RTS Hardison

  • Great little theater in Colorado Springs. Second time there and they DO not fail to entertain. ~ Tony Fagler

  • This is the best theatre in town. Family owned and they put on so many shows. There’s family-friendly shows and late-night, fun shows. ~ Sammie Joe Kinnett

  • Nice show, great actors, and we loved the intimate venue! ~ Steve Shields

2020 Google Reviews

  • The MAT has a great variety of shows, most with a streak of laugh-out-loud humor, but also thought-provoking. Birgitta and Jim are masters at physical comedy. Beyond their shows, their kid’s camps and classes are amazing – through observing a class Birgitta taught, I saw students give voice to their authentic selves, breaking through fear and inhibitions. Brava!~ Dara Gardner

  • The show was original, impactful, and touched my heart. ~ Mark Jackson

  • Wonderful Community Theatre. Wholesome Fun For The Whole Family!~ Ciewantu

  • Quaint intimate theater that presents some great local talent. ~ Josh West

2019 Google Reviews

  • We love this little theater and the quality productions we have seen. They have brought amazing theater to the city at a consistent pace for many years. Always a good time and every seat is the best seat! ~ Gia Bryan

  • We love the wide variety of shows for both kids and adults. And the informality of the place makes us more likely to show up! Top notch performances from mostly locals. Take in a show. You won’t be sorry! ~ Florence Hornbeck-Kaiser

  • What a treasure. This is a labor of love to operate. Fun to drop in for a great show or a place for the kids to spend on a weekend workshop. Love it. ~ Mike Lindsborg

2018 Google Reviews

  • What a cool venue! I really enjoyed the show and the unique way that the theater is set up. There was great energy! The proximity to the old Ivywild school means you can meet up with friends for a beer at Bristol or a bite to eat at the deli before the show. I will definitely look for more shows to see here! ~ Dawn Gomez

  • Awesome theater. Huge variety of the shows offered throughout the year. Reasonable prices. Quaint and intimate theater. Yummy brownies!!!! The R.I.P. Improv Group is a must see! Unique! Actors take their craft seriously, and it shows. One of Colorado Springs’ hidden gems. Find them, support them, by going to a show! You’ll wanna keep coming back like us! ~ Kim Carlisle

2017 Facebook Posts

  • Excellent shows and production!! The owners bake cheesecake and treats and have a great sense of humor. The crowds are always fun and interactive. I enjoyed myself! ~ Katrina Kirkpatrick

  • The Millibo is a treasure in Colorado Springs! I love their innovative and quirky programming. Jim and Birgitta do an amazing job! ~ Lauren B. Ciborowski

  • The people that work here are amazingly compassionate and hard-working, passionate people! Amazing shows and service! ~ Mandy Cervera Sohns

  • Cannot say enough about The Millibo!!! Live, local, and everyone welcomes you as if they have known you all your life – priceless!! Great family environment, fun for all ages❤ ~ Valeryan Holley

2016 Facebook Posts

  • I’ve been going to performances at the MAT for over 5 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed every performance. Jim and Birgitta are phenomenal! The chemistry between the two of them is amazing and I always look forward to seeing what the two of them will do. They are very welcoming and try to make everyone feel at home. They strive to introduce the audience to many forms of artistic performance in a way that isn’t intimidating. Brigitte’s character, “Babette”, is hilarious and always makes me laugh. My favorite performance of all time was the geriatric burlesque – my cheeks hurt from laughing! They never disappoint and every performance is an adventure. ~ Lisa Bogle Virgil

  • Everything about this theatre, including the restrooms, are fanciful, loving, and it oozes of talent! Thank you for the wonderful play last night!!! ~ Crystal Dojcak

  • Always an awesome time when my wife and I go! Every time we go, we are delighted with the shows and the warmness with which we are always received! ~ Carlos M. Garcia-Ruiz

  • The MAT is one of the greatest gems in Colorado Springs. Cannot wait to attend the next kids play with my little one. We’re so lucky to have it in the community. ~ Kristen Olson

Patron Praise For “Babette’s Knock Out Opera

“It was wonderful – funny, tasteful, timing perfect, lines delivered perfectly, and the stage action, brand new and beautifully carried off.  And as usual, all spoofs before the intermission. The 2nd act that follows, always a bit more serious and thoughtful.  Madame Butterfly’s farewell aria at the end brought tears to my sentimental eyes.

As did, even the parody of  “Death by Minor chord” – hilarious. Instead of going straight to bed, I listened to the last act of La Boheme from farewell to his overcoat through those two agonizing calls,  “Mimi” and then again, “Mimi”, and finally those slow, descending chords to the final quiet finish. Yes, again, filled with tears of empathy for Rudolpho and Mimi and happiness of understanding.”

Patron Praise for “Stealing Sugar”

“What a great theatre, what a great play, what a great performance! We saw the one-woman show, “Stealing Sugar.” It was funny, sad, touching, and powerful.

Looking at the program, we instantly regretted not seeing the other productions of the season. There had been a romantic comedy, a mime production, a holiday cabaret, an experimental dance-circus-acrobatic performance, even a melodrama. The variety of these offerings shows ambition and energy! Most of all, there had been “Mother Courage and Her Children,” one of the first plays I ever saw, almost fifty years ago. That had been a college production… I can well imagine the superlative heights that the Millibo’s own recent production reached. I’m so sad I missed it! The Millibo is a small theatre, and the premises are given to touches of whimsy, but it’s clearly a professional endeavor through and through. During our visit, the lighting and sound dynamics, the fascinating set, and the technical support all helped create a vivid world onstage. The solo acting performance, by Millibo Art Theatre Co-founder and Artistic Director, Birgitta De Pree, was astounding, hilarious, and also beautiful. Oh, she wrote the play, too!

I had not been to the Millibo before because I’m from Denver and I make fewer and fewer trips outside of town. Now, as I wrote above, I regret that – I’m sure I would have enjoyed every production at the Millibo Art Theatre this season. And you know what? It’s an easy drive; the theatre is very close to the highway. Only two blocks away! I’m going to tell all my Denver friends. Someday we’ll have live entertainment again and I want to see whatever the Millibo Arts Theatre is going to produce next.” ~ Steve Replogle