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Touring & Outreach

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Recognized as one of the leading theatre companies in the Pikes Peak region, the MAT provides an exceptionally wide choice of shows for young audiences customized to address the educational needs of individual schools. These high quality arts programs help teachers link the arts to their curriculum, making theatre available, accessible and engaging.  Program options can supplement the school curriculum or can be singular enriching experiences.

School touring shows introduce students to the art of theatre through exciting, age appropriate performances that educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of children.  Our plays help increase literacy and  cultural competency.


artguffaw_01ART GUFFAW

Mr. Art Guffaw unravels the mysteries of fine art in a magical studio where the easels speak, the drawings come to life and the paintings dance.

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A hilarious mix of circus, magic and buffoonery creates the spell binding chaos of Big Bubble Circus!

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MAT_JimJackson_Busker_04-silo-screenBUSKER & ME

Don’t miss the adventures of Busker, the mischievous circus dog, and his bumbling side-kick, Mr. Art Guffaw.
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Journey along on a theatrical safari and be amazed as unforgettable characters, remarkable elephants and surprising events come to life!
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birgitta - Museum of Dreams_AMUSEUM OF DREAMS

Travel back in time with Edie, a mischievous ghost at the Pioneers Museum!
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 birgitta-suitcase-silo_ASUITCASE FAIRYTALES

A delightful and hilarious adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s best loved fairy tales!
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How long are the shows? Each show is approximately 45 to 50 minutes in length.

Are the performers available for a Q&A and/or pictures after the performance? Yes! This will need to be scheduled with the Director of Touring in advance.

Where should the performances take place? The performance space can be a stage, auditorium, cafeteria, gym floor, library, large classroom, etc. Anywhere that can accommodate the production and your audience.

When should the performance space be available? The actors will need to have access to the venue 60 minutes prior to the performance to assemble the set and sound equipment. They will need 45 minutes after the performance to remove everything from the space.

What needs will the actors/crew have? Once they have access to the facility, the actors/crew are fairly self-sufficient. All we ask of you is to simply remain available. If this is not possible, designate one contact person who will be available for questions about technical aspects of the venue.

Will I need to provide any additional help with lighting or sound?  MAT shows are fully self contained and travel with their own sound equipment. If you would like for us to use your sound system, let the group know when they first arrive at load-in. Lighting is up to you. All we ask is for the actors to be seen.

When should the performances take place? The suggested performance times are in the mid-late morning or early afternoon. However, the schedule can be adapted to fit the needs of each community.[/learn_more]