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Call for Submissions!
Puppeteers for PUPPET SLAM


We are  looking for small FIVE MINUTE pieces to be part of the Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam! This will be a curated night celebrating the puppetry and puppeteers of Colorado. Because this is a curated and high profile event, if I have not seen your piece before I will need to have you audition either virtually or in person. (See details below). This is not about content or puppetry style, it is about having a clear and well-rehearsed piece. Your piece can include any type of puppetry, in any format you choose. If you know any other established puppeteers who would be interested you can have them reach out to me. There will be a limited amount of slots.

Guys this is going to be a big one so make sure you are there! And if you don’t want to perform you can still bring a puppet and be part of the Puppet Lab after the show.

You must submit no later than September 14th.


• Must have some type of puppetry – anything is game. Funny, inspiring, magical, dramatic, etc.

• Must be able to be performed on a medium stage. We can provide a table with a black table cloth. Any other set pieces need to be approved. Since we are going to be moving quickly between acts we cannot have a ton of moving parts. And there is no “backstage”. There is not a ton of storage for your puppets between acts. (If you have specific questions about this reach out). There is a green room space, but no backstage wing space. The theater is very high and has the capability for aerial rigging. 18 foot truss, must supply your own apparatus and rigging. Reach out with questions. There is also a pull down projection screen so video submissions are welcome!

• There is a basic light system that can go dark and light. Nothing fancy. It is dark enough for shadow puppets

• You can have as many people as you need in your act, just be aware of the space constraints.

• The max time for the piece is FIVE MINUTES, but it can definitely be shorter! (Let me know if this is not possible and we can chat)

• If I have not seen the piece you want to perform I will need to see it, either video or in person to curate the event. This is both to ensure high quality and also to create a set list that makes the most sense.

  • This is a TWO night event. The same show will be down twice. That means you must be available for tech Friday afternoon (sometime between 2-6) and both shows, Friday and Saturday nights.

• **I am also looking for 1-2 volunteer stage hands to help the event go smoothly.

You must submit no later than September 14th.

Since we will be charging admission this time, each act (not performer) will have a guaranteed stipend based on ticket sales. The more tickets we sell the higher your stipend is! Stay tuned for more info, as soon as I know the guaranteed amount I will let you know. I am hoping no less that $20.

Please email Katy at Katy@katywilliamsdesign.com with submissions!

TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. The tag for this event is #rmpuppetslam

FACEBOOK EVENT HERE: https://fb.me/e/3GGolDZ5a

Author: Jim Jackson