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Now Celebrating Our 20th Season!
Creating new theatre for the Pikes Peak region

March 11 & 12

Creative storytelling and innovative puppetry leave you spellbound in this original Millibo show!

Max and George have “misplaced” their most precious treasure!  Ahhhh!  These two very silly lobsters need our help!  Will anyone find their SOS message-in-a-bottle?  Can the stories hidden in the flotsam be saved?  “FLOTSAM” is a fantastical journey across the oceans, over the continents, and even to outer space, in search of the perfect story.  This show will delight with Millibo’s signature humor and creative inventiveness, and includes puppetry of all shapes and sizes and some very funny storytelling too!

Featuring the innovative artistry of Birgitta De Pree, Christopher Keller, Julie Talty, and Katy Williams.   Geared to entertain the whole family, especially those with kids 4 to 11.

Tickets are on sale now and going fast!

Saturday, March 11 @ 11am & 2pm / Sunday, March 12  @ 1pm & 3pm

Single Tickets – $12.50  (online or by phone)

Family Four Pack – $44 (by phone only – four tickets to one show)

Flex Pass Tickets $11.50 – includes popcorn

719-465-6321  / Box Office open Tuesday through Friday 2pm to 7pm


Birgitta De Pree is the Co-Artistic Director of the Millibo and Assistant Professor of Theatre at UCCS.  She received her MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory and loves creating plays for the theatre.  She has spent the last twenty years working as a director, writer, performer, and theatre educator.  In her career, she has played many parts including a mean queen, a rude troll, a lost princess, a vivacious Bulgarian, a scared elephant, a hungry lobster, a lovestruck prince, an over-eager Girl Scout, a clever weaver, a sad farmer, a happy ghost, a silly emperor, a friendly mouse, and one very ugly duckling. Most recently she played Brunnie and Stella in Millibo’s Holiday show, The Most Magical Gift. Her most favorite roles ever are being Lisbet’s Mom, Jim’s partner, friend to some very amazing humans, and teacher to brave and creative students!



Christopher Keller is just your run-of-the-mill circus freak. He was last seen at the Studio 54 show here at the Millibo Art Theatre, as the Elf on the Shelf in the Millibo’s Most Magical Gift, and is a regular at the circus club on Tuesdays. He began his circus adventure right here in Colorado Springs. After graduating from clown college in 2009, he traveled the U.S. performing in the big top as a puppeteer. Returning to the Springs in 2020, Christopher is bringing his love of circus and dogs, through his new company, Young Pup.





Julie Talty makes art, stage manages on roller skates, and plays with shadows.  She loves bringing characters and stories to life through puppetry, art, dance, and circus.  Some of her favorite recent projects include performing her original marionette/aerial hoop piece “Puella” for the Women’s Theatre Festival, her puppet protest piece “Carry On” for VOTE!, and stilt-walking as the Sun for “Ghost Fish” with Theatre Across Borders. She is so thrilled to stretch her creative muscles in the making of this new show with Birgitta, Katy, and Christopher!






Katy Williams runs Katy Williams Design, a Colorado based company that specializes in building and teaching puppets, props, and makeup design. Katy’s mission is to spread the joy and accessibility of puppetry.  She started the Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam in 2018, and acted as Festival Director for a new children’s festival, Puppet Palooza. In 2019, she received the prestigious True West Award for her work in Colorado Theatre.  In 2020, Katy spearheaded a COVID-safe, outdoor, retelling of Sleepy Hollow through shadow puppetry. She was a featured presenter and performer at the National Puppetry Festival, serves on the Board of Puppeteers of America, and is the President of the Rocky Mountain Puppetry Guild. She would like to acknowledge the enormous support from her friends and family as they help her navigate all her amazing and time-consuming projects!  See more of Katy’s work at www.katywilliamsdesign.com. To stay updated on current projects follow Katy on social media: @Katy.Williams.Design




Author: Jim Jackson