1626 S. Tejon St. Colorado Springs, CO 80905 | (719) 465-6321
Now Celebrating Our 20th Season!
Creating new theatre for the Pikes Peak region

September 9th – 10th – 11th
Dragon Theatre Productions

Shows @ Millibo
Friday, September 9th at 7pm
Saturday, September 10th at 4pm
Sunday, September 11th at 2pm
Tickets: $10 for adults/ $5 for students
ABOUT THE COMPANY: Dragon Theatre Productions is a community-inclusive theatre program of Imagination Celebration in Colorado Springs that creates roles for any actor who can make the performance commitment. This opportunity is open to people of all ages and abilities, which helps in building community and celebrating diversity. Under this model, entire families can audition together and participate, and many actors who have typically been excluded from the performance process are given the opportunity to perform. We do this by creating roles to showcase each actor’s talent through a collaborative, team-building process that promotes individual strengths, accommodate challenges, encourages project ownership, and fosters an environment of goal-oriented cooperation, using lessons from building the only dedicated community-inclusive theatre project in Colorado.
Our team keeps adjusting, rebuilding, and evolving since 2019 when we did our first musical “The Pirate Ninja Cupcake Musical” by Ariel Baty at Cupcake Island. In 2020 when we did our first show over Zoom (https://vimeo.com/454406299) and last year when we did our first film in Outer Space through a fun collaboration with the Space Foundation (https://youtu.be/2PX-D6Y9LUw). For our 14th year and 20th show – this year we want to go with you to the CIRCUS!


An original story created by the Dragon Theatre Team

The year is 1922, the 1918 pandemic has subsided, the first World War is over, theatres are starting to reopen, and the Dragon Theatre Vaudeville Circus “Everbody’s Got Talent!” finds they no longer have a theatre, or props, or any of their old supplies to make the show go on. So they decide to share a little bit of the magic they have left to reinvent their new reality with the audience: imagination.

The show will include dance, puppetry, magic, singing, clowning, and pantomime performances as the vaudeville circus troop learns to use what they have and a lot of imagination to tell a fun story.

Author: Jim Jackson