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Feb 4 @ 11am & 2pm
Feb 5 @ 1pm & 3pm
How To Snag A Sea Monster

A terrifically TALL TALE from from WHAT IF PUPPETS

(formerly Mesner Puppets Theatre)

After a monstrous wave washes a creature ashore, the people of a small Cape Cod town hear a strange wailing. Is it a sea monster in their midst? No, it’s a baby as big as a house! The village adopts the giant baby, whom they name Stormalong — ‘Stormy’ for short. Growing over 24 feet tall, Stormy struggles to fit in, and chooses a life at sea aboard a clipper ship to find a place in the world. Meanwhile, a sea monster, the colossal Kraken, torments the village… and only Stormy is big and brave enough to save them all!

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Saturday, February 4  @ 11am & 2pm

Sunday, February 5  @ 1pm & 3pm

Single Tickets – $12.50  (online or by phone)

Family Four Pack – $44 (by phone only – four tickets to one show)

Flex Pass Tickets $11.50 – includes popcorn


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MACARONI KID/Article – May 17, 2021 –

In the storytelling tradition of Jim Henson’s The Muppets, friendly characters from the fictional town of Barnacle Bay deal with slapstick adversity, and seemingly simple props are transformed by talented puppeteering.

Mike Horner’s gentle narration and clever puppeteering allows children to immerse themselves in the story and laugh at the antics of the characters. The show is the perfect length for young attention spans, and includes a few special effects that made children in the audience (and some adults) “Oooo” and “Aaaah.” The overall message of the show is one of love and acceptance, and made for a pleasant evening spent with family. During a time when many parents may worry that their children are overly reliant on screen time for entertainment, it was nice to see how captivating a simple tale told via traditional storytelling methods can still be.

Author: Jim Jackson