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Virtual Story Time with Mr. Guffaw

Welcome to STORY TIME with Mr. Guffaw and Friends

We love stories and we love beautiful pictures and most of all we love sharing them both with you!

We thought who is better to bring them to you than that Maestro of Silliness, Mr. Guffaw?  He is so eager to share his favorite stories with you, but when all of his friends heard about the series, they also wanted to share their favorite picture storybooks. Now we have a virtual library of different stories and you can find new ones each week here at our website.

Please feel free to share these stories with all your family and friends and then don’t forget to come visit us at the Millibo for extra special family theatre. We hope to reopen soon and are looking forward to seeing all of you this Summer.


KING LOUIE KATZ by Doctor Seuss

Mr Guffaw loves to read stories of all kinds. He also loves juggling and snacks. Join him as he reads this Dr. Seuss classic “King Louie Katz” from his collection “I can Lick Thirty Tigers Today”. Hold on to your tail and off we go.

Dr. Seuss wrote of King Looie Katz, a proud king in the world of Katzenstein. King Looie was especially proud of his royal tail and did not want it to drag on the ground and get dirty. So he commanded Phooie Katz to walk behind him and carry his tail.


Today Mr. Guffaw reads the wonderful story of “Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg” by Tom Ross with illustrations by Rex Barron. Eggbert’s shell is slightly cracked and this misfortune leads to a whole new way of seeing himself and the world.

Cast out of the refrigerator because of a small crack, Eggbert sets out into the world, using his talent for painting to try to blend in. Eventually he realizes that cracks are everywhere and reminds us all that our flaws are perfectly natural.




Author: Jim Jackson