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The CRUCIBLE- March 16 – April 2 – breathtaking!

March 16 – April 2

Special signed performances for the deaf March 23rd and 30th.

Listen to KCME’s Culture zone segment on The Crucible featuring Kelly Walters :

Arthur Miller’s timeless classic of “witch hunts” and “accusations” receives a poignant new staging this Spring at the MAT.  Re-imagined under the direction of Kelly Walters (To Kill a Mockingbird”, 2014)

“Written as a thinly-veiled condemnation of the Communist “witch hunts” of his time, Arthur Miller perceived, brilliantly, that time and distance can pierce through the prism of history and light the way to a universal understanding: that hysteria, impulse, and fear can sweep up the innocent, and, in its aftermath leave a taint of despair and spiritual regret. And that, ultimately, it is the collective community which must bear the responsibility.” –Kelly Walters


“Everything from the opening dance to the costumes to the background music feeds a feeling of disquiet that has just as much to do with the play itself as the cultural implications of its setting.”


“Millibo Art Theatre’s current production of The Crucible is a powerful cautionary tale of the abuse of power that results from a disinterest in truth.  Millibo’s small venue puts Miller’s tale of fear, frustration, and injustice mere feet from our seats.  The close connection between actors and audience is exactly what Miller intended: his unthinkable tragedy becomes disturbingly real.”

Premiere – the Crucible Poster


























John Proctor – Taylor Geiman

Elizabeth Proctor – Erica Erickson

Parris – Mike Lee

Danforth – Chris Lowell

Abigail – Anna Faye Hunter

Hale – Christian O’Shaughnessy

Cheever – Micah Spears

Giles Cory – Michael Augenstein

Hathorn – Mark Cannon

Mercy – Kayla Kuemmerle

Ann Putnam – Hannah Rockey

Sarah Good – Barbara  Summerville

Tituba – Marisa Hebert

Mr Putnam – David Hastings

Rebecca – Ashley Crockett

Herrick – Jonathan Andujar

Mary – Abby Gaydos & Priscilla Needs (Signed)

Betty – Miranda McCauley

                                                                                                                             Suzanna – Lisbet Jackson

                                                                                                                            Francis Nurse – Charlie Ammen

Day one of “The Crucible” – cast read through

Set Designer, Roy Ballard and “The Crucible” set.


Author: Jim Jackson